Easy way to see all formulas / check for dependencies?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

I want to clean up a base for old, deprecated fields. The problem is, I want to make sure they’re not being referenced in a formula field somewhere. (Or that their Look-Up or Roll-Up copy on another table isn’t in a formula.)

Is there an easy way to check dependencies? Or an easy way to search all formulas at once?

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If you have a Pro workspace, you can use the Base Schema app to see dependencies. However, it can be difficult to trace all of the lines.

You can also use the premium version of the Field List app to see dependencies. Note that it does not include dependencies for button fields as that info was not available in the api when the app was written.

If you do not have a pro workspace, you can delete a field and check for broken/invalid fields and then immediately retrieve the deleted field from the trash. If you do not want to search the tables for the red warning icon, I also sell a script that lists invalid fields. (Scripting app is free until March.)