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Edit and Replace in one Multipe Select Field?

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Hi I am new to Airtable… big learning curve. I am using it for Shopify with the Shopify App Airpower for bulk uploading including images! (Amazing !).
However I am changing themes and need to add to the text in my multiple select field.
example. I use tags… so in a single field my current tage are formatted with a underscore… I have 20 tags…: color_blue, color_green, size_7", size_9", shape_tube, shape_slant, skirted_vinyl

I need to keep the existing “tags” for now (during the transiton of themes) but for my new theme I need all the same tag but WITHOUT the first workd and underscore
example: blue, green, 7", 9", tube, slant, vinyl…

how can I creat an automation? I am not proficient in formulas other than excel.

Please help! Thank you!

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Welcome to the Airtable community!

You can change the tag names by editing/customizing the field configuration. However, you cannot have both the old names and the new names at the same time in the same field.

If you want to create a new field with the new tag names, duplicate the existing multi-select field (including field values), and then edit/customize the field.

You do not need an automation or a formula.

Hi thank you! So if I make a new field how can I bulk update so everything before the underscore and the underscore is removed?
Color_blue becomes blue, size_7" becomes 7"?
if I do a find and replace what is the symbol for no space? ^ Thank you.

You update the field configuration by customizing the field. You must edit each choice in the field configuration individually. However, you do not edit the records individually.

Of course!!! Thank you!!!