Evernote attachment issues

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8 - Airtable Astronomer
8 - Airtable Astronomer

I am trying to upload an email form Evernote into airtable (via attachment - not zapier) and its only uploading 1 picture, not including the email or the 4 other photos. Any suggestions?

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What are the exact steps you’re taking to bring the email from Evernote into Airtable? You say you’re doing it as an attachment, but more info is needed about how the email is coming out of Evernote before you bring it into Airtable.

From my email client, I save to ever note.

Which is showing to be saved in evernote

From there I go to my table and add attachment - where I see the attachment of the email

Then I upload the attachment. It works fine with the email I saved from airtable. However, when I save one using the exact same steps it only uploads 1 photo and no text. I hope that helps explain it better.

I just tested this with an Evernote document that wasn’t an email, but had an image as part of the document, and it did the same thing. Only the image was attached. None of the text showed up. This feels like a bug in the Evernote integration.