Extract Initials from String Including Full Name

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4 - Data Explorer

Hi folks,

I was able to extract initials from full name (thanks to the Name demo base from @W_Vann_Hall ), but because of duplicate names, I added the email as part of the customer identifier (full name + email), which lives in my Customer table. Now I can’t seem to figure out how to extract the initials from this new field. When I try to apply the same formulas to the Name field linked to my Customer table, the formulas no longer work (because I guess it’s merely a linked record, not actual value?). So I created a second table called New Name Table, and extracted the initials under that table first, then linked it back to my original table. But the values are not populating when new records come in (i.e. blank records in the screenshot).

FYI the field “Calculation” is the first initial formula applied on the Customer Name field. I am completely lost on how to trim everything up to " (" from the right. Otherwise that would be a solution too (and spares me an additional table).


This is my New Name Table:

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

If you have the first and last names in their own fields, you can gather initials by using the "Left()" formula. In my case, I used the following formula:

LEFT(First,1) & LEFT(Last,1)
*note the "1" is not required in this case. If left out, (ie. "Last(First)") the formula will use the value of 1 by default and produce the same value.