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Fill field's cells with same value

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How would I go about adding a field to an existing table that already has 25,000 records and filling all 25,0000 cells in that new field with the same value, say, “Cookbooks?”

If you’re curious, it’s because my dear old dad put both general subject location data in the same cell with specific location information (i.e., Cookbooks - garage wire rack, top shelf). And before you go suggesting that I use a formula which divvies up the data before and after the dash, I should say that he’s totally inconsistent in the way he orders this information and the way he separates it.

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You could potentially use the batch update app to help you with this.

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You could potentially use the batch update app to help you with this.

Use the batch update app as @ScottWorld suggested if the base is in a pro workspace. Otherwise use a formula like:

IF(FIND('Cookbook', {Field Name}), 'Cookbook')

Oh right! Great idea from @Kamille_Parks! Then, after you create your formula, you can switch your formula field to any other type of a field, and your calculated value will remain intact.

The Batch Update worked wonderfully, ScottWorld. And I’m glad there’s an option for those who don’t have the pro version, Kamille_Parks. Thanks to you both! :slightly_smiling_face: