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I thought I was being clever but my formula did not work. Cells are blank. Why?SWITCH(  {Decimal},  "0.75",  "3/4",  "0.50",  "1/2")
I’m back with a puzzle it wouldn’t have occurred to me to even attempt if I hadn’t seen some miraculous-seeming formulas early on in my Airtable forays. I sell books that I inherited from my dad. In my Books table, there’s an Author field that someti...
Hi All, I’m in the process of creating a catalog of related books that I can hopefully email out to customers, and, so far, that’s involved creating an Entries rollup field in my Catalogs table that pulls from my Books table using the ARRAYUNIQUE(val...
Hi there! I am trying to figure out a way to create book catalogs to automatically email customers from specific table views. I do something similar for sales: When the Shipped field from my Sales table is checked, an email notification automatically...
Hi everyone, For the freelancing part of my making-ends-meet endeavors, I have started tracking tasks. Usually, that’s no problem with Airtable. But once in a while, I’ll forget to enter a task when I start it, and, instead, enter it when I remember ...