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4 - Data Explorer

Hi there,

I’m trying to query my main table by grouping Enterprises (Company Name) to see which portfolio companies have them as either a lead or customer.

I need to query such that only groups with more than one record (where count > 1) show up to be exported/printed.

Is there a way to filter out by the count after they’re grouped? Or is the only way to do it with a manual counter and if so how should i go about that?


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Welcome to the community, Matt! :slightly_smiling_face: Unfortunately Airtable filters can’t act based on group size. They only act based on field content.

To do what you want will require you to manually mark another field with an indicator (a number, a check in a box, etc) of whether or not you want to include that record in the export/print. Then switch to a different view to filter out un-checked/unmarked records (or alter the current view, although keeping a separate view just to export/print may be cleaner).

Hi @Matt_Maximo,

Just to add onto what @Justin_Barrett said, perhaps a workaround could involve doing a count of all the items and then filtering that column (which could be hidden of course).

My noggin is sick with the flu, so explaining it will exhort too much energy and there’s a great possibility that I’d botch it up. :laughing: It is easier to create something with sample data. In my example, I filtered all items with less than or equal to 1.

Hope this helps,

EDIT: Spelling mistakes :face_with_hand_over_mouth: