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4 - Data Explorer

Hi Guys,

So i have this formula above and i want the result in Currency, like “0€” not “0”.
Can anyone help me?

IF((Tipo2)=BLANK(),“0”,IF((Tipo2)=“Fatura EU”,“0”,Valor*0.23))


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If all you want to do is tack the € symbol to the end, you can concatenate the symbol to the end
IF((Tipo2)=BLANK(),"0",IF((Tipo2)="Fatura EU","0",Valor*0.23)) & "€"

However, you may loose some formatting of the number (commas, decimal points, etc.) when you tack on the euro symbol. “Pretty printing” of numbers when converting them to strings has been an issue for a while.

By the way, if you want a blank value instead of “0” when {Tipo2} is blank, you can use an empty string "".

IF((Tipo2)=BLANK(),"",IF((Tipo2)="Fatura EU","",Valor*0.23 & "€"))

Hi, thanks for the reply,
yes, i know that solution but it loose the formatting and then i cannot use it with another Formula, but tks!

Since you want to use the number in another formula, you better off leaving it as the original formula in one field, and having a different formula field for display purposes.

For an extensive example of formatting calculated numbers for display purposes, see @W_Vann_Hall’s Show and Tell post for “Pretty-Print”. While his currency demos use the $ symbol, you could edit his formulas to use the € symbol. (I recommending using a code editor such as Notepad++ for editing his formula–it’s a very complex formula.)