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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

What could one do to include data validation in the conditional logic; e.g.: I am creating an internship application form and I want the applicant to select out of the list of employers. Once done, they can select the relevant internship position, nothing else. And also, how could we include the employer's email in it so that each entry is also sent to the respective employer?

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18 - Pluto
18 - Pluto

Unfortunately, dynamic dropdowns are not possible in Airtable, even though it has been the #1 customer feature request for the last 6 years. Airtable simply doesn’t listen to its customers.

Check out the dynamic dropdown feature of JotForm, and then you can use Make to send the form submissions into Airtable from there.

However, you can also do dynamic dropdowns in Fillout or Noloco.

I would highly recommend that everybody use Fillout, because it is the most advanced form software for Airtable, and it is the only form software in the world that was designed from the ground up to work with Airtable. It offers TONS of advanced functionality that people have been dreaming of for years.

But the best part about Fillout is that it communicates DIRECTLY with Airtable, and it is the only form software that does that! 🙂

Thank you! i'll definitely check these alternatives. Sad to know that Airtable doesn't include this feature.