Formula: Current time is before a specific time every day

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6 - Interface Innovator

Hello AT Community,

I am in need to create a view that shows records only if the actual time is earlier than a specific time (7.00 pm) everyday. E.g.:if it is April 19th, 4.30 PM the records should be showed but as soon as It is 7.01 PM, April 19th’s data shouldn’t be showed anymore. As soon as the day changes to the day after (April 20th in our example) the new records should be showed until 7.00 pm and so on.
Does it make sense?
I have used the formula IS_BEFORE(NOW(),TODAY(‘D MMM YYYY 19:00’)) so I could add a filter to the view based on the formula outcome but I am not getting the correct result even if I am not getting an error.

Does anyone have any suggestion, please?

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That is not a valid formula… no values are accepted inside the parentheses for NOW() and TODAY().

An easier formula would be to check if the current hour is less than 19:

HOUR(NOW()) < 19

Note that this will evaluate to GMT time, so you may need to change the number away from 19 to get the hour (in GMT) that you’re looking for.

Also note that NOW() doesn’t update in real time — it updates every 15 minutes or so when the Airtable base is open, and every 60 minutes or so when the Airtable base is closed.

Thank you so much @ScottWorld . It works!
I wonder if I can bother you with another question about what I am trying to obtain in AT regarding this process.
I am setting up 3 views (NEW, PENDING, PROCESSED).
In the NEW view I have all the requests that still have to be reviewed.
In the PENDING view I have requests that have been taken care of and that will be automatically sent to another team at 7.00 pm everyday (filters: your formula HOUR(NOW()) < 19 = true + a reviewed checkbox)
In the SENT view I need to show all the requests passed to the other team but this view shouldn’t include the requests in the pending view. They should be included only after 7 pm each day.

Do you have any suggestion about the SENT view?

Thank you, Matteo