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4 - Data Explorer

Hi Airtable Experts

We have a formula field field which calculates the conversion from euro to dollar, including the import duty. The outcome is shown in USD (field  "exwUsdStandard" = currency, 2 decimals to the right), this works fine.

The next field ("exwUsdSpecial" = currency, 2 decimals to the right) shows a price in USD), is shown perfectly in the record. This value is not calculated with a formula.

Now, I want to combine these two fields into a new field ("priceExwUsd"), however, I am not able to format it as currency $ with 2 decimals at the right side of the ",".

What can I do to make it as currency, $, 2 decimals to the right?

Thank you in advance 😄
Gerben (from the Netherlands)


Screenshot 2023-03-09 at 12.26.50.png


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Can you share the formula are you using in the priceExwUsd column?