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I’m trying to write a formula to detect if there is a duplicate record, ignoring a few columns.

I’m not very good with formulas, but I imagine it’d be two if statements, which if correct I’d like it to highlight the row red? There’s probably a more intuitive way. I think with the if statements it might not pick up duplicate numbers that are on the same row?


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Hi Xavier, could you provide a screenshot of your data with examples of the duplicates you’d like noted highlighted? Would love to help but don’t have enough info

Hey Adam,

Here is a screenshot of an example database. In this example there are two duplicate entries for Kate Bush (ignoring the PC NO and Paid columns). I’m trying to come up with a formula that would detect this duplication and highlight it red.

Screenshot (1)

Roger that, thanks for the screenshot

I’m afraid that this gets slightly more complicated as records in Airtable cannot refer to data in other records unless they’re linked, and so you’d need to have all your records linked to a single record in another table and create a formula that checks for duplicates from there

At that point, since you’d probably use an automation to link the records up, you might be better off creating an automation that would see if there are any other records that share the same Name value and if there are, to mark the triggering record as a duplicate instead really

You’d be 90% there and could set it up yourself in 5 minutes