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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

I have a simple task tracker with a single table containing a list of tasks.  I have a self-linking field to allow for a single level of subtasks.  I primarily use Interface lists to view tasks.  However, I also assign tasks to be completed by varying people.  So when I filter to a list of my assigned tasks, the nesting feature breaks.  Airtable will only show me tasks if they are assigned to me.  So if I am assigned to the parent task, I don't see the child tasks.  And vice versa.

I thought it could be helpful to append an icon to the front of subtask names to cue me that something else is depending on me completing that task (haha) but can't figure out how to write a formula for that!

In the data views, the parent task has the child tasks linked in the subtasks field.  So the child tasks have empty subtask fields.  Therefore, I have nothing to search for.

Anyone have thoughts or worked through something similar?  TIA!

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Oh no, using a "Parent" linked field would prevent you from seeing the nested tasks like you want and so can't be used, so sorry

Also whoops, just realized the screenshot in my previous post didn't load up:

Screenshot 2024-04-12 at 11.50.13 AM.png

Or I guess it would still display them as nested, but they'd be nested in reverse order lol

heh yeah, bit odd and the parent task would get listed multiple times too