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Formula for recording weight and date, plus time

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I’m trying to understand how the Lookup function works but before I continue with that, I need to know how to create a formula field that gives me my current weight, date of the recording as well as the time? How can I do this?

My fields are pretty simple. They’re called ‘Weight’ and ‘Time’ I want the formula field to look up both.

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Hi @Elaine_Winter,

A lookup field allows you to look up a specific field in a linked record. Check out this help article.

As for your second question, you want a formula that just writes the data from both fields? Maybe something like

{Weight}&", "&{Time}

The formula should be in the same table as the Weight and Time fields.


I tried out that formula, the ‘Time’ element gives me military time. Screenshot_2020-03-23 NFP Chart Exercise Weight - Airtable I want it to read how it looks on the left column.