If combination of two variables X and Y matches combo XY, return points of combo XY

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi guys,

I just discovered Airtable and I am trying to use it as a database and a points calculator for a card-deck building game I am working on and now I am struggling with the scoring of ability combinations in a specific hand.

I have the following tables:
Characters - with all relevant character info
Abilities - all abilities with desc and each ability is linked to each character with that ability
Ability combos - a table with the scoring combos of abilities, for instance ability X and Y = 5 pts
Current deck - simulation of a hand with 7 cards
Cheat sheet - a table with all pairs of characters in “Current Deck”, i.e. Card 1 & Card 2, Card 1 and Card 3 all the way up to Card 6 and Card 7.

What I need help with is a formula that in the “Cheat Sheet” looks up i.e. Card 1’s abilities and Card 2’s abilities and see if they match a combo in the “Ability Combo” sheet and if it does, then it use a lookup formula to retrieve the points that the combo scores.

A made up example:
Card 1 has ability “PAPER”
Card 2 has ability “PENCIL”

A combination of “PAPER” and “PENCIL” returns ability combo “PAINTING” which scores +10 points in the deck.

In Excel I would have used something like:
=index(table;match(concatenate(Abil1,Abil2);_Ability_Combo;0);match(combo points;headers;0)

Any help would be highly appreciated


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