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4 - Data Explorer

I have a table that generates specific tasks for clients on a frequency that required an interesting set up, but got me the result I was looking for (leveraging multiple formulas, jump tables, and linked records). 

Currently, the tasks are generated into a table called 'Client Work' that my team works the tasks out of. I have other team members that need to submit tasks to that same table, but are one-off tasks, not auto generated tasks. Unfortunately - the primary field (Task Title) is a formula generated field that combines multiple look up fields to generate the title, so I am not able to have Task Titles. 

I am looking to add an "OR" function, IF the fields that the formula is referencing is blank (aka: a work around to have another field that acts as the task title that will only be used whenever a task is generated via a form). 

For the task name issue – I feel like I have a potential solution, but need some guidance on the formula for this… The current formula is IF({Task Template},{Task Template}&"-"&ID) (this references 2 lookup fields from other tables to generate the title)

I feel like I should be able to do an “Or” statement, I can create a text entry field called “Task Title” and the formula can say OR if(Task Template) = empty, “Task Title”. Like this: IF({Task Template},{Task Template}&"-"&ID,OR(IF({Task Template}=" ",{Task Title}))

That formula doesn’t work, unfortunately… The goal here is to say "If the fields that the formula is generating are blank/don't exist, populate the title from the 'Task Title' field. Any guidance would be appreciated.

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Community Manager
Community Manager


It sounds like the logic you are looking for is 

  • if this is a manually created task use the manual title
  • if not a manually created task use the templated title
    BLANK({manual title}),
    {template title},
    {manual title}

Here's a version of Dan's answer with your current formula fields that you should be able to just copy paste into your table:

  {Task Template},
  {Task Template} & "-" & ID,
  {Task Title}