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4 - Data Explorer


I have a formula in an excel sheet that fills a column with a corresponding value based on the drop-down selected in another column. I’ve made this work in Airtable however it will not allow me to format the data as currency since it is saying that the information returned is not a number- which it is.

The formula is:

IF({Interactive Type}=“”,“$0.00”,IF({Service Provider}=“Other”,“$0.00”,IF({Service Provider}=“Affiliated”,“$6.00”,IF({Service Provider}=“Numera”,“$5.50”,IF({Interactive Type}=“Cameras Only”,“$0.00”,IF({Interactive Type}=“”,“$0.00”,IF({Interactive Type}=“Basic Interactive”,“$1.25”,IF({Interactive Type}=“Basic Automation”,“$2.00”,IF({Interactive Type}=“LTE Interactive”,“$2.75”,IF({Interactive Type}=“LTE Automation”,“$3.50”,IF({Interactive Type}=“Other”,“$0.00”)))))))))))

Is there any way to adjust this so that the result returned is identified by Airtable as a number so that I can use it in further calculations down the sheet?

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10 - Mercury
10 - Mercury

Hi. There is of course. Get rid of the double quotes and the currency symbol ($ in this case) around your numeric items. Et voila.