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Formula to return date of "Monday"?

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I’m wondering if there’s a formula that will return the date of a specific weekday, such as Monday, relative to a set date field. Any ideas?

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You can use DATETIME_FORMAT({Field with datetime}, 'dddd') to return Monday, Tuesday, etc. For more info on this, check out this support article on format specifiers for DATETIME_FORMAT.

Sorry, I don’t think I was clear–what I meant was, let’s say this record is dated 3/7/18. I’d like to calculate the date of the Monday of that week. In this case, it would be 3/5/18. I did just discover the “WEEKNUM()” function, and that helps to an extent, but could it be combined with others to do this task? Thanks!

Try this:

DATEADD(date, 1-IF(WEEKDAY(date)=0, 7, WEEKDAY(date)), 'day')