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Formula with OR() & FIND()

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Hey guys, – What am I doing wrong on this?

My goal is to:

IF (OrderStatus contains “ :blue_square: Completed”, “ :brown_square: Closed”, or both-- it should be 1(true)

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Hi @BobBannanas - I think this is because of the settings on your order status rollup field.

If this is set to “ARRAYUNIQUE(values)”, then it returns an array and the FIND formula won’t work consistently with this (in fact, I’m not sure why it works in any of the cases).

Two solutions:

  • Change the rollup type to ARRAYJOIN(values) which gives you a string, which the FIND will work correctly with


  • create a new formula field off the original rollup:

OrderStatus & ''

and have the FIND formula work off this.