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5 - Automation Enthusiast

Hello everyone, I’m a beginner with airtable.

I imported a csv in airtable (i used to work with googlesheet), a database of people for a recruitment activity. I have several columns : name, email, etc… and 3 sectors in 3 different columns. I defined the content of my sectors columns as “multiple select” (because i would like after to make people fill through forms with multiple choices). I would like to have only one column centralizing all the 3 sectors of one person with different tag (which is called “options” in airtable, because the column nature is “multiple select”). If someone has “bank” in the first column, “insurance” in the second one and “energy” in the third one, I would like only one column with 3 “options” (like tags) : “bank” / “insurance” / “energy”. I have 3000 lines so I don’t want to do it manually. I already tried to use different formula but the result is not good , I have the 3 words in my target column , I don’t want the 3 words but I want 3 “options” in the same case. Thank you for your help :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Alexis,

Just to be sure I understand your question, you currently have 3 fields (columns) and you want them merged into one that is options from a multiple select? That is easy to do.

  1. copy the three columns in a separate table.

  2. make a new field that has the 3 tags separated by a comma. The field can be a formula such as Field1&”,”&Field2&”,”&field3

  3. copy this new Field to your table , make sure the Field you are copying to is set as Multiple Select.

This should do what you want.

P.S: this might create an unwanted option that is only a comma, you can easily delete it later from the options.

Hello Mohamed,

Thank you for your help, it works :slightly_smiling_face:

Le sam. 8 févr. 2020 à 05:42, Mohamed_Swellam via Airtable Community Forum a écrit :

Im glad it helped :slightly_smiling_face: please mark it as answer.