Formulas involving other Formula fields returning "ERROR" all the time

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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Any time I have a field that is a formula then any IF function that bases it’s action off the number returned by the first formula is an error.

I’ve tried adding the value tag around it… still not working.

It would be something like, IF ({number column}<1, ‘0’, ‘1’) which will work, but If that formula is recorded under ‘{column 2}’ and I then say, IF’{column 2} = ‘1’, ‘yes’, ‘no’) will always be an error.

How can I fix this??

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Watch your use of quotation marks, as I suspect you’re attempting to compare string and numeric values. For instance, your example works fine when stated this way:

  1. NumberColumn - Number, Integer - [random number]
  2. Column2 - Formula - IF(NumberColumn < 5,1,0)
  3. Column3 - Formula - IF(Column2 = 0,‘yes’,‘no’)