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5 - Automation Enthusiast
5 - Automation Enthusiast

Not sure if this is a air-table or zaiper question hopefully someone can explain to me. 

This is what im trying to do:

  1. Uploaded video To where the name of the video is the same as a Unique ID in airtable ( called Asset ID ) in Airtable 
  2. search for a field ( Video Edit ) 
  3. Input text or link  to inform that video has been uploaded 

I have tried to find the record using a search function and my zap looks ok but when i run it it does not update to the correct field.

when i test the last part of my zap ( input text ) it will only place it in the first record and not the one attaching the unique ID 

i have tried the following SEARCH functions also FIND 

SEARCH(({Asset ID}))!={Edit}

SEARCH(({Asset ID})) = {Edit}

not sure if it is that or when i go to set up my action in the RECORD section i am picking the wrong dropdown.

i thought it may be “custom” “zap search was found” but didn't work , and i have also tried multiple other options 


any input would be great 🙂  

if there are any consultants out there i could pay for a hour or two of time id be happy to do so 🙂  


Happy Holidays 

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