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How can I have one field automatically populate another field.

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I am looking for help, hopefully I can explain this well enough.

In my Airtable, I have a multiple select field where you can choose different available mediums.  (Video, animation, poster, pdfs etc). And I want to create another column that automatically changes depending on what is selected.  If video or animation is selected, a V would appear in the column next to it.  If a “poster or PDF” is chosen a G would appear.  

I cannot figure out what Formula to use.

Basically I want it to be “if this is selected” then “show this”

I tried creating a formula column and added

IF(Medium, 'Video/animation', 'V')
IF(Medium, 'PDF', 'G')
but it doesn't work so I assume i am doing this incorrectly, I'm new to formulas and building these tables, so any help is appreciated.
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 I added the missing quotes but still no dice

Screen Shot 2022-12-23 at 1.53.14 PM.png

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Use the SWITCH function -

"Video/animation", "V" ,
"PDF", "G" ,
"Poster", "P",
The "O" for other at the end is the default if none of the conditions are true.

It is giving me an error, am I doing something wrong? 

screen grab or error attached


You skipped a couple of closing quotes

 I added the missing quotes but still no dice

Screen Shot 2022-12-23 at 1.53.14 PM.png

I got it with your help, thank you! It turns out I can't have multiple things change to the same letter. Once i removed them it worked! THANK YOU John_B2!

Happy to help - you should be able to have multiple things = the same letter. Can you repost what your formula looks like now?

Ah - I see it, You missed the comma at the end of line 6 and 7