Generating Two Separate Outcomes in same Field

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I’m trying to generate two separate outcomes in the same field where one of our clients receives a discount that the remainder of our clients do not. We have what is called a 1/2 Day Session that is normally $600.00 for a four-hour session. One of our clients is only charged $500.00 for that 1/2 Day Session and I want to be able to see both in the same field if possible.

Would this fall under a nested IF statement, and if so, how would I go about writing that formula?

Thank you.

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You can do this by having a field to mark when a client is supposed to receive a discount, and another which will calculate the total price including any discounts. Depending on how many discounts you offer, the first field may be a simple checkbox or a single/multi-select field.

In a very simple scenario you would have a {Discount Applied} Checkbox field and a Formula field with this formula:
IF({Discount Applied}, 500, 600)

Or, if that discount is only every applied to that specific client you could do with just the Formula field:
IF({Client} = "Name of client", 500, 600)

Hi Julie - I agree and understand the simplicity of having multiple outcomes appear in the same [data] field. This is one of those cases where it would be ideal if conditional field values could be represented in the same cell using a formula. As it stands, Airtable has data fields and formula fields - but not data fields that have formulas.