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Grouping datetime records by day

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Hi! I’m using airtable to track my daughter’s food, medication etc. as part of her complex healthcare needs. The table’s primary field is datetime for each unique record, and I have created a formula to calculate only the date to allow me to group by day and analyze a day’s activity.

The formula works for some but not all records. For some records, the date calculated is a day later than it should be. I’m thinking there is a timezone discrepancy (as the incorrect dates are later in the day and I am in GMT -0700) but I’m not sure how to address this with formulas.

Current formula I’m using to pull only the date out of datetime: DATETIME_FORMAT({Date and Time},‘MMM-DD’)

Screenshots of the mismatched records, and field customizations for the two fields I’m working with are below.

Thanks community for any assistance you can provide!




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I would either:

(a) Turn on the “GMT Time Zone” option for both fields.


(b) In your “Date” field, use the SET_TIMEZONE function.

Also, for a real deep dive into time zones, check out my sample base & training video here: