Help! how to sum by categorie

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4 - Data Explorer

hello there, got a big issue, I have one base with multiple tables, in one table i have

proyect # (a number to identify each proyect)
requirement # (number to identify each purchase made for the proyect)
concept (single selection to identify the type of service or good i.e construction, services, labor etc)
value (amount $ of the requirement)

Now in another table in the same base, i want to sumarize the total amount paid for the proyect in each concept.

ie. proyect # …concept (labor)… total amount $ (1.000) when this total amount is the sum of all the concepts named labor in the other table.

i dont knwo how to do it, please help

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You can’t do it in another table without going through the process of manually linking records. The easiest way to do it would be to just use your existing table. Group your records appropriately in the first table, and use the summary bar to see your totals.