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4 - Data Explorer

I'm new to Airtable and as expected I need help with a formula, please! 

This is what I need: 

IF( {Days to Deliver} is equal to 0 then it   'Expires Today',
IF({Days to Deliver}  is equal or bigger than 1 but less or equal than 7 then it is  'About to Expire',
IF(  {Days to Deliver} greater than 8 then it is 
'On Time'
IF(  {Days to Deliver} is <0 then it is
Any help will be appreciated
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Hey @vel4

Here's a formula that gets you the basic functionality that you're looking for:

{Days to Deliver},
{Days to Deliver} < 0,
{Days to Deliver} > 7,
"On Time",
{Days to Deliver} >= 1,
{Days to Deliver} <= 7
"About to Expire"
"Expires Today"



Here's an example of how that formula behaves.
It's important to call out a potential downside to this particular formula.
The biggest issue that since the IF function is evaluating the Days to Deliver field for a boolean, the formula will evaluate the value of 0 (zero) as the same as being nothing.

Since both zero and null/undefined evaluate to falsy boolean values, the formula will always return a value of Expires Today for records containing both defined values of zero or blank.

Personally, it would drive me insane, but other people wouldn't even notice it.
It's a matter of personal preference.

Happy to answer any questions about the formula or solutions if you're curious.