How can I create a cashflow sum in airtable?

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4 - Data Explorer

Hey folks!

I’m moving all my finance to airtable, so far so good.
Couldn’t figure out how to generate a cashflow view.
In each record, I want to see the sum of the previous records.
The Records are sorted by date and i want to see every day the cash status.
I didn’t see any option of doing it…

Thank you!

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If you just need to see a running total, you’ll want to use the summary bar (which does more than just sum) at the bottom of the page of views.

If you want to keep a running total in the record itself, it’s a different story. This post and the accompanying base explains how, but there is an additional step you’ll have to take, either manually or through something like Zapier, to avoid Airtable’s prohibitions against circular logic.