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Payroll Formula Help (Time Duration)

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4 - Data Explorer

Aloha! Looking for help. Need help with a formula. I tried this:

Here’s an example:

On 6/21/19: Clock in at 6:47 AM
One 6/21/19: Clock out at 11:00 AM
On 6/21/19: Clock in at 11:30 AM
On 6/21/19: Clock out at 1:00 PM
On 6/21/19: Clock in at 1:15 PM

DATETIME_DIFF({Time Out (1)},{Time In (1)},{Time Out (2)},{Time In (2)},{Time Out (3)},{Time In (3)}, ‘minutes’)

This is what I keep getting back in return:
Time duration: -63142200000

Help Please! I am at a loss!!!

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DATETIME_DIFF() can only handle the difference between two times at once. You’d need to do:
DATETIME_DIFF({Time Out 1},{Time In 1},'minutes')+DATETIME_DIFF({Time Out 2},{Time In 2},'minutes')+DATETIME_DIFF({Time Out 3},{Time In 3},'minutes')