How can I make column 2 dependent on the answer in column 1?

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4 - Data Explorer

I have one column (Draws) that is single select, numbers 1 through 100. The driver would pick the number 55, for example.

In the next column will be Returns. I want to make the it so the choice could NOT be over 55 (of course) for the amount of returns available. So basically, the answer in the Returns column cannot exceed the answer in the Draws column.

UPDATE: I have created a separate field with an IF formula that will output the word ERROR if the number exceeds the previous column’s number. This works well. However, it seems to be seeing the Single Select numbers incorrectly. For example, if I put in 10 in the first column and 9 in the second, it is seeing 9 as greater than the 1 in the number 10.


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Welcome to the community, Allison! :grinning_face_with_big_eyes: Regarding the formula, my gut says that the error is because the item in the single select field is treated as a string, not as a value. To force it to be a value, wrap VALUE() around it, like so:

IF(VALUE(Draws) > Returns, "ERROR")

Thank you so much!!! Worked perfectly.