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How to add two fields only if certain scenarios are true

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EDIT: It’s not letting me upload pictures, anyone know why?

I have 2 tables. 1 called Members and 1 called Appointments.

Here’s the members table:

Each member has a Name, Membership Type, Shared with (linked to existing table), and another column linked to ‘appointments’ table.

Here’s the Appointments table:

You’ll notice a the field “Total Appointments per Active Member”

Anyone that has membership type ‘shared’ means that I don’t count them as an actual member. I want to link them to the original member. And since I want to track each appointment by the main member, I’d like to figure out how to add the members ‘shared’ total with the existing membership.

E.g. John Smith has a total of 3 appointments (his 2 booked, and 1 from his shared member Jenny). How would I do this?

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Hi @Aaron_Schiff1 ,

Did the table I share with you solve your problem?


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Anyone know why It’s not allowing me to upload picures?

Hi @Aaron_Schiff

In order to be able to upload pics you need to get the badge “Basic”. Simply read multiple threads first then you will be granted the full access.

As for your questions, I would like to see the screenshots then maybe I can solve it.

Best Regards,

Hi @Mohamed_Swellam, ok went to re-edit and for some reason it started working. See above for screenshots.

The problem is with how you are setting up your bases in my opinion. I would have a third table called accounts. You could then link each member to an account wether they are the primary or shared person on the accounts. Then you could look up how many appointments each ACCOUNT has by doing rollup. Just my two cents. If you need any help with this let me.

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Christopher — how do you imagine me combining the accounts? What are the columns for the account table

So three tables. 1- members 2- accounts 3- appointments. Link your members to accounts. Then do a roll up to count the number of appointment each account has.

Hi @Aaron_Schiff1 ,

Did the table I share with you solve your problem?


Yes!! Thank you so much