How to calculate the difference between 2 numbers

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5 - Automation Enthusiast


Everyday I have a script that scrape IG accounts. I want to add "Followers Gain" which is the current number minus the previous number of followers on this account. I've played with automation without success due to the fact that there are different IG accounts.

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You're going to need to create a linked field and link the relevant records together, specifically you'd need to add Record 3 to the linked field of Record 1

You could then add a lookup field to display Record 3's "Followers" value, and then use a formula field to get the difference

How to create that link's slightly trickier.  Given that you're familiar with scripting I'd suggest just scripting something as that'd be the easiest option

I guess you mean 194335-194328, considering the time stamps?
You have a linked field with IG accounts, so you have a linked table with a list of them?
You should add rollup field there to get a MAX or MIN value for such IG account. And then return this value back to this table via lookup.
If you cannot rely on  MIN/MAX (when the number of followers may increase or decrease), you can rollup the earliest or latest date. Then use it to get the correct value.