How to count single record's completion rate

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4 - Data Explorer

Hey I would like to know if there is a way to create a  summary per record instead of per filed? like, how may empty per record? Many thanks!!



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10 - Mercury

Hey @yuannc12

Without having many details about exactly what you're trying to do, it would seem that you first need to create a formula field that will return a summarized value for each record.
Then you would be able to use the values of that formula field to return the view-summarized metric that you're looking for.

Hey Ben! thanks for your reply 

An example of my questions is, if I have a record (field 1(filled), field 2(empty), field 3 (filled), field 4(filled), field 5(filled)), how to create field 6 to calculate the percent filled of this singe record (filed 1-5) which is 80%? 🙂 
with the formula, I'm not sure how to best compose the code, which I am looking for help as well 

Okay, so from what you're describing, I'm imagining something like this:


Here's the formula I used:

        {Field 1}, {Field 2}, {Field 3}, {Field 4}, {Field 5}
    SUM({Field 1}, {Field 2}, {Field 3}, {Field 4}, {Field 5}) / 5,

Naturally, if you decide to add additional fields later on, you'll need to update the divisor in the equation.
Additionally, the 0 in the falsy parameter for the IF() function is optional.

If you want the formula to return nothing if the fields are all blank, then you can omit the 0.
If you always want a value to be returned, in this case a 0%, then you can just leave it in.

Be sure to confirm that your formula formatting is correctly configured.