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How to create a renaming formula

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Hello yall! Got a quick quesiton here! My goal is to connect airtable with hubspot through zapier but when there import of info occurs there is a weird inflow of info due to internal problems between connecting the two that spits out code instead of text. My goal is to translate such code as lets say “100011010” into blue for example where each value of x that gets imported automatically has another column that can spit out y values. so similar to vlook in excel. Please let me know how it can be done

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Hi Ivan. In Excel, VLOOKUP works because you have already defined the relationship between “100011010” and “blue” (and many others) in a set of columns. Airtable can do the same thing.

  1. You need the table that contains the translations (let’s call it Table 1).
  2. Table 1 needs the primary field to hold the “keys” (100011010) and the other field(s) to hold the values
  3. In the table that receives the hubspot weirdness, have that hubspot “key” land in a linked field pointing to Table 1.
  4. Add a “lookup” field to hubspot data table that pulls in the value field from Table 1.

Does that get close to what you want?