Re: How to create an If Statement based off a Link Field with Words

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4 - Data Explorer

Hello Community,

I have tried to find this answer but come up with nothing so far.

I wish to create an If Statement based off a Link Field which contains words.

Below is my issue:

'Proposal Type' is the Linked Field which can have multiple different word options.

My objective is if 'Locking' is selected in the 'Proposal Type' field, return the value 0, otherwise return the Minimum Freight Total. (i.e. locking doesn't include freight).

The formula I believe should work is:

IF({Proposal Type}='Locking',0,{Helper Minimum Freight Total})
However regardless of the Proposal Type, the value is always returning "Helper Minimum Freight Total"


Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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11 - Venus
11 - Venus

From what I see, there should be no problem with this formula....Why?
Maybe try changing "Locking" in both tables to some other string?

In "Proposal Type", try checking if the record the text "Locking" has a space in front or trailing, i.e. " Locking" or "Locking "?