How to find the currently signed in user from a Formula field?

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6 - Interface Innovator
6 - Interface Innovator

In a Base that assigns tasks to collaborators, I would like to show each collaborator what tasks they themselves are assigned to.

I’d like to have a view with a filter something like ‘Collaborator assigned’ is equal to ‘Current collaborator’ where ‘Current collaborator’ would be the value of the currently signed in collaborator.

If I was doing this inside a script I could use “” to get the current collaborator. Is there an equivalent way to get the current user from a formula?

The closest solution I’ve been able to think of so far is to just create a separate View for each user and hard code the collaborator (or another unique field) into the filter. I’d have a set of views like this:

See Jane’s Tasks
See Joe’s Tasks
See Jack’s Tasks

Is there a way that I could implement just one View, “My Tasks”, that would show just the tasks of the currently logged in collaborator?

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Sadly, creating separate views is the only way to do it, if you stick with the Airtable interface.

Alternatively, you could setup a portal through to do it.