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Hi everyone,

I am looking for the best way to break down Bundles made out of 2 skus (A,B) combinations.
The way our theme is set up on Shopify, it requires 1 variant for each bundle combination. The issue is that neither my supplier nor the fulfillment center’s inventory system recognizes these bundles. They can only recognize sku A and Sku B.

How can I convert the exported csv with bundles from Shopify into airtable using only sku A and B?
CSV file has 1 line per order ID. How can I automatically add a second line matching the same order ID when bundle has both sku A and sku B?

Sku A
Sku B

Bundle 1 = A+B
Bundle 2 = A+A
Bundle 3 = B+B
Bundle 4 = A+A+A
Bundle 5 = A+A+B
Bundle 6 = B+B+B
Bundle 7 = B+B+A

I will need to repeat the same step in reverse to push the data back into Shopify once the fulfillment center sends me the orders with the tracking numbers.

Any help is greatly appreciate it :slightly_smiling_face:

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I would have a “Bundles” table to list all the combinations, so when your Shoppify data comes in it could use a Lookup field to discern the appropriate combination. Since LinRecords fields don’t let you repeat values like “A+A+B”, you may want to use a SingleLineText field and manually add the record ids for “A” and “B” in the appropriate sequence: “rec1234, rec1234, rec5678”

Then you may be able to use an Automation to split each “bundle” order into multiple line item records in another table. You would give your supplier/fulfillment center the records from the line item table.

Hi Kamille, Thank you so much for the reply.
I am lost here :frowning:


I meant a singular SingleSelectField that has the record Ids for product “A” and product “B”

If you don’t have a table already of Products, where “A” is a record and “B” is a record then the method described above won’t really work (i.e. there would be no record ID for “A” if “A” doesn’t have its own record.)

Based on your screenshot it would be possible to take “A+B” and split that into two records via a script (with either the Scripting App or with an Automation).

This is what I understood:

Product Table with primer identifier RecordID to link to either sku A or sku B

Bundle Table with primer identifier BundleID, and SingleSelectField with manual input to match RecordID from Product Table.

Am I in the right direction?