How to Get Currency format in Concatenation

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6 - Interface Innovator

Hi there,

I have two Currency fields and a third field where I am concatenating the entered values in currency fields. But after concatenation, the format of currency disappears.
eg- Col1- $12,500 Col-2- $10,200 Col 3 ( Concatenating Col1- Col2)- 12500-10200

what I am looking for is $12,500-$10,200. Is it possible?

Thank You

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I don’t know of any way to get Airtable to automatically format number fields as currency within a formula — if those number fields are part of a formula that results in anything more than just a result of one single number result.

You would have to manually type the dollar sign into your formula. As for getting the commas to appear in the right place, you would also have to manually figure out some sort of a complex formula to get the commas to appear in the right place.

It seems to me like this would be an AMAZING feature suggestion for Airtable. If they gave us the ability to have a NUMBER_FORMAT function — similar to how they’ve given us the DATETIME_FORMAT function, that would be amazing.

In fact, I just added this as a feature request here: Similar to the DATETIME_FORMAT function, it would be great to have a FORMAT_NUMBER_OR_CURRENCY funct...

Unfortunately, Airtable does not have an automatic way of formatting numbers in formulas.

For now, I recommend using these pretty print formulas, created by the estimable @W_Vann_Hall. As the formulas are very complex, you may want to chain your formula fields (i.e. have formula fields for formatting the currencies as strings, and then a final formula that concatenates those strings.(