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How to make calculations in two tables using currency fields

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I’m brand new to Airtable and getting to grips with it all so forgive me if this is a simple and stupid question.

I’ve got a table logging expenses by two people. I’m using a currency field to add the amounts spent by each person.

Now I want a second table that shows the overall funds both people start out with and then a field that shows the current funds available which updates according to the expenses logged in the expenses table.

Can someone explain to me how to do that? I don’t even know what sort of keywords to look for in the help sections.

Thank you so much for any help!

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Assuming each record in your Expenses table is linked to a table for People, the People table could include a Rollup-type field to add up all the values from your currency field for the records linked to each particular person using SUM(values).

If your People table has a “starting value” currency field, you could use a formula field to subtract all the expenses from the starting value: {Starting value field name} - {Expenses rollup field name}