How to return a empty date in formula?

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5 - Automation Enthusiast

I’m using formula to create a date field, which is used in Calendar view as a calendar’s source. My problem is to create empty date, if certain criteria is occured. I try to use BLANK(), but this returns it in non-date format.

Here is the formula:
SWITCH(UPPER({ :bellhop_bell: Agenda Status}),
“PENDING”, IF({Scene Setup date}, {Scene Setup date}, {Due Date}),
“SETUP”, IF({Scene Draft date}, {Scene Draft date}, {Due Date}),
“SKETCH”, IF({Scene Draft date}, {Scene Finalize date}, {Due Date}),
“DRAFT FOR REHEARSAL”, IF({Scene Finalize date}, {Scene Finalize date}, {Due Date}),
“FINAL FOR SHOW”, IF({Scene Show date}, {Scene Show date}, {Due Date}),
IF({Due Date}, {Due Date}, TODAY())

Note, formula works, but this does not allow to set field formatting as date.

Is there a way return empty date in formula, so that field is in date format and not string ?

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Hi @Lassi_Seppa

Did you try the DATETIME_PARSE() formula?