How to sum values and sort by another field?

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi all,

I have a base table with the transaction history which lists each profile's contribution amount, date, and the fund invested. Each profile is allowed to invest in many funds and can also invest in the same fund multiple times. How do I create a view that would sum the investment total and sort by funds at the same time?

Here is the transaction history table (base):


I created a "List" from Airtable with Level 1 as Funds and Level 2 as Profiles, but I was not able to sum the values from the same profile:

  • As you can see below, there were multiple transactions from the profile that starts with "2...." within the same fund


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Choose 'Group by' Profile, add second grouping level 'Fund' and do 'Collapse All'. 
Choose type of Summary 'Sum' at the bottom of field.

If you want to have these values as numbers in the table to use, you should add Rollup field in Profiles table