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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

I'm new to Airtable and I need a formula to check a box from a form submission.

IF >=0, 3>= then True (Checkbox 1)

IF >=4, 6>= then True (Checkbox 2)

IF >=7, 9>= then True (Checkbox 3)

IF >=10, 12>= then True (Checkbox 4)

I have an automation that sends a specific email based on the selected boxes, but I do not have the time to manually check the boxes. I also tried setting an automation to check the box if it meets criteria but that isn't working either.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

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Formulas cannot modify another field. If you want to replace your 4 checkboxes with a single formula field, that's possible. If you want to set an automation to check a specific box based on the range, that's possible too.

Option 1: Replace your checkboxes with a formula

Assuming the name of the field which contains the number that falls between 0 and 12 is named "Range", you could use the following formula:

IF(AND({Range}>=0, {Range}<=3), "A", 
IF(AND({Range}>=4, {Range}<=6), "B", 
IF(AND({Range}>=7, {Range}<=9), "C", 
IF(AND({Range}>=10, {Range}<=12), "D"))))

Then set up your automation conditions to look for "A" to send your first email, "B" for the second, etc. You can replace "A" with more descriptive wording if you want.

Option 2: Use conditional actions in your automation

  1. Create an automation with a trigger that suits your situation, in this case likely "When form is submitted".
  2. Under "Create advanced logic or action", select "conditional logic". The filter you set should be: Range is >= 0 AND Range is <= 3.
  3. Inside the conditional group, add an "Update record" action step. In the record id box, click the blue button to insert the record if from the trigger. Add the first checkbox field and check it.
    1. Note: If the sole purpose of these checkboxes is to send one of 4 emails, you can instead just put your email step here and not bother with the checkboxes at all.
  4. Duplicate step 3 and instead do the second checkbox (and/or the second email).
  5. Repeat...