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I used the DATETIME_DIFF({Date Due}, TODAY(), ‘days’) formula to give me the number of days until the due date, however, how do I put an IF statement in if there isn’t a start / due date?

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Hey Something like this should work. Your return values are seperated by commas. Your first value is your original formula, and your second is the value you want if there isn’t a date.

IF({Due Date}, DATETIME_DIFF({Date Due}, TODAY(), ‘days’), "**IF THERE ISN'T***")

Thank you, but that didn’t work. Says there’s an error in the formula.

You have to change the quotation marks in 'days'

So it should be

IF({Due Date}, DATETIME_DIFF({Date Due}, TODAY(), 'days'), Blank())

Thankyou so much for this! Helped me too. Wondering if you can help me further - the formula is calculating the right number, except it’s returning a minus in front of the number for some reason. Any ideas how I can fix this?