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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Dear Community,

I am faced with the following problem:
I want to pull data from a different table when the status in each table is the same.

I am creating a text.

Say the status in Table 1 is "First Text" then it should check in Table 2 for the row named "First Text" and pull the information from a specific cell in that roll.

In sheets it looks like this: =IF(A4=Table2!A2;Table2!B2;IF(A4=Table2!A3;Table2!B3);0)

How can I replicate that in Airtable?

Thank you

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7 - App Architect
7 - App Architect

You will want to use field types and linking in Airtable instead of formulas:

1.  Create a field in Table 1 using the "Link to another record" field type and choose Table 2.  That will create the link.
2. To pull over specific data from Table 2, create a 2nd field in Table 1 using the Lookup field type and choose the linked field from Table 1 that you just created and also the field from Table 2 you want to pull over.

If you would like to schedule some time with me to review this or anything else, here is my Calendly link: