Item counts based on multiple attendee projects at multiple events

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4 - Data Explorer
4 - Data Explorer

Hi there! I’m trying to determine the count and order date of specific items needed for students at many classroom sites, each site completing multiple projects over a season of classes.

This calculation would be based on these inputs:

  • units per each of a standard list of materials needed, per individual project, e.g. wheels for three different projects that use anywhere from two to six wheels. (Projects Table)
  • List of sites, with number of enrolled students (Sites Table)
  • Program Start and End Dates (Sites Table)
  • Current inventory of materials, e.g. wheels in stock (Inventory Table)
  • Lead time needed for delivery of materials from order date (Inventory Table)

And result in three outputs (destinations):

  • total units needed per item, subtracting items in stock (Sites Table)
  • Total units needed, per item (Inventory table)
  • Dates Needed (Sites Table)

This may be bigger than asking the community, happy to work with a pro, lemme know!

…and then turn this into a report, which isn’t critical, but would be nice.

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