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CRM - Probability calculator (value)

Hi,I am using AT for the CRM purposes. I've got a list of proposals we're working on within my Proposals Table:, what I'd love to calculate is: based on the stage selected (and % probability...

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How to translate this IF formula from Excel to Airtable?

Hi all,wondering if you could help with the below, I need to give 1-5 rating to certain value ranges. Its daily revenue and you get rated based on your daily performance.This is the formula: =IF(AND(K2>=0,K2<=30),"1",IF(AND(K2>30,K2<=80),"2",IF(AND(K...

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Resolved! Eliminate time stamp from results of a formula

Hello - I need to calculate a date, in certain circumstances, that is 75 days out from another date in my table. I’m using this formula:SWITCH({S/N}, 'no', DATEADD(DOB, 75, 'days'), 'NOW',DATEADD(DOB, 75, 'days'),'NA')which calculates correctly, but ...

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Resolved! Multiple Dates per Entry in Calendar

Hi all--We are a publishing company and we sometimes publish the same content multiple times throughout the year. We have a field set up "Publish Date" that shows all of the dates. The problem is when I try to have these feed into our general publish...

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Resolved! Multiple amounts for Multi Select Field

So Im pretty new to Airtable and not sure if I am going about this the right way and wonder if someone can point me in the right direction if not. Basically I am trying to use a multi select option to calculate the Extra costs involved in a job with ...

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Compare Rollup to function

Hello.I am trying to find records where a rollup results is less than or equal to a function. Both are formatted as numbers, and both work when I search for records in each column independently. Is there a solution for this?

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Resolved! IF AND For Email Reminder

I am trying to add an AND statement to this formula:IF(     {Date Received} = "",     "Unsure of due date",     IF(        DATETIME_FORMAT({Date Received}, 'MM/DD') = DATETIME_FORMAT(DATEADD(NOW(), -14, 'day'), 'MM/DD'),        "TRUE",        "No mat...

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Resolved! Detecting duplicate tags and tag limit in a text string

I have a somewhat complicated formula I wish to create, and as a formula n00b, I don't know where to start. Here's the problem I'm trying to solve:1. I have a series of tags I enter into a single text field, where each tag is separated by a comma. I ...

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Resolved! Extracting Telephone From Text field

Hello, I have a lot of text in a cell LONG TEXT (I extract a little bit of this), I need to create a new Formula column to extra only the telephone number, what can i do? Buonasera, Chiedevo disponibilità per parziale permuta con mia autovettura MASE...

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