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Formula for a prefilled form doesn't work

Hello everyone, to create a prefilled form with hidden linked records, I'm using the "Formula for a prefilled form" extension, and I have selected 'by field ID', but it's not working. The primary field of my linked record is a formula and the field i...


HelloIs there a way to include hyperlinks in a base? I am importing data from Excel, where I collected the profile of n individuals and for each profile I have general information (name, education, job title etc) and a link to their LinkedIn page. Wh...

federica by 1 - Visitor
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Resolved! Find Most Recent Date across Rollup Fields

Is it possible to use a formula or some other work around to find the most recent date across 4 rollup columns? See photo. I'd like the left column to then show the most recent date, the 4 columns are different donation platforms and it'd be helpful ...

Zac_Traeger by 4 - Data Explorer
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Show/Hide complete row in a table with "single select".

Hello, I am working with Airtable and Softr. Sometimes it would be helpful to show or hide single rows of a table. So I am looking for a way/formula to easily switch on or switch off (mute) each row in a table with "single select". Sort of like enabl...

Utilize Date conditions after creating date token in formula

I have used a formula to create a new date value based on another date cell: The Next Due Date uses the following formula: SWITCH(Frequency,'Weekly', DATETIME_FORMAT(DATEADD({Task Due}, 1, 'week'), 'DD/MM/YYYY'),'Monthly', DATETIME_FORMAT(DATEADD({Ta...

Screen Shot 2023-02-01 at 12.05.39 PM.png Screen Shot 2023-02-01 at 12.05.56 PM.png

Today() Formula

I want to use formula TODAY() BUT I Don't want that it will automatically change with each passing day. I need that the original date that was created, will stay the same. Is there another formula that can do it? 

Meitar23 by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Invert the check boxes in a long text field

Over time our long text field with bullet points has evolved into 100+ lines and we're looking for a way to no longer add new bullets at the bottom of the field, but rather at the top. Hence the very logical question: on existing long text fields how...

J_V by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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splitting content in long form text in a formula

TIA - this community is amazing and so helpful when I can't get my head around these more tricky ones. but I am learning more and more! I have a bunch of method steps for our recipes:COOK THE SALMONPat dry salmon with paper towel, remove the skin and...

jm22 by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Prevent line breaks when empty lines

Hi everybody!I'm trying to modify the formula below so that the empty lines don't show up and don't make a line break with empty lines.For each of the 18 lines I have {FormatX EANX Concatenated} from an other field where {FormatX EANX Concatenated} c...

Vianney by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! Conditional formula

Hi, I am trying to create a formula to work out meal allocations for works at a festival site.Currently I have date fields for 'ARRIVAL DATE' & 'DEPARTURE DATE' and a field for 'DAYS ON SITE' which uses the formula DATETIME_DIFF({DEPARTURE DATE},{ARR...

DaveMasters by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Issues with inaccuracies in my math

Howdy yall, I am trying to do a simple math setup for a client. calls per hour, demos per hour, calls per demo... The issue I am running into is the math seems to be coming back wrong. I have tried a few different ways and still having issues. Here y...

Screen Shot 2023-01-25 at 12.42.42 PM.png

Calculating Funding Year

Hi everyone, I am trying to create a formula that will output what funding year a record falls within. I have a field with the dateStart of the funding and another with the dateEnd of the funding. I also have a program start date which is a static fi...


Student Interactive Leaderboard

Hi all, I am looking to create an interactive leaderboard, where my students fill out a form which relays the results back into a board. I have a rough idea of how to do this, but was wondering if anyone has attempted this before or any leaderboard t...

CX2023 by 4 - Data Explorer
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Workaround for no SPLIT in Airtable

I’ve seen some complain that there is no SPLIT function in Airtable. Here’s my workaround: I’m dumping data into an existing table and I have formula fields that “pull data out” into other cells based on keywords. The formulas are just combinations ...

Resolved! Formula calculating to -$0.00

I can't for the life of me figure out what's happening with this one transaction in the personal finances base I've been building.  Would you guys take a look?These are two of the same type of transaction for comparison.  The top transaction calculat...

Screen Shot 2023-01-25 at 5.11.41 PM.png

Resolved! Formula Error with Rollup Input

I’d like to use a rollup field with an array as an input for a formula in a different field, but it gives me an error. It seems to not be treating the rollup as a text string.

I need help on a date conversion formula

Hello, I need help on an airtable formula. I have a date conversion formula: but I would like if the table is empty it says "Enter your birthday date" To avoid the error message please my formula : DATETIME_FORMAT(Dateofbirth, 'DD MMMM YYYY')thank yo...

Resolved! Date Span Crossover Formula/Script?

HiIf anyone has any ideas about this I would be very grateful - I can't quite see a way through this one!One of the elements of the system I'm building schedules the use of specific tools. I would like to be automatically notified if a tool is double...

Jon by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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