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HelloIs there a way to include hyperlinks in a base? I am importing data from Excel, where I collected the profile of n individuals and for each profile I have general information (name, education, job title etc) and a link to their LinkedIn page. Wh...

federica by 1 - Visitor
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How many times a linked record has occured

I'd like to count how many linked records have occurred with another linked record. I have a table where each record is a contract between a company and a governmental entity. The company's column is a linked record and the entity's name is also a li...


Formula to calculate debits and credits for personal finance

Hey guys, I've got a new challenge in my quest to create a base for tracking personal finances.  A quick review:TablesCategories (I call them buckets)TransactionsDesignationsTransactions are either entered manually or bulk imported via csv from my ba...

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Resolved! Invalid Date?

I am trying to make a formula that takes the date/time from a previous column, and if the time is in the p.m, display the current date, however, if the time is in the a.m, to display the previous day's date. Attached it my current formula, which work...

samb1758 by 4 - Data Explorer
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