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Randomize meetings

Hi everyone! I'm trying to tackle an issue that I'm not sure I can solve with Airtable, but hoping to alongside Zapier integrations. I want to randomize monthly meetings across our staff, volunteers, and board. Not everyone is willing to use Slack, w...

Resolved! Prefill field logic - not all fields available

I'm using the highly useful Prefilled Forms extension by Kuovonne and it works as intended. However, there are some fields in my source table that apparently aren't qualified to be prefilled on the form and I can't figure out the principle. (The form...

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CharlieMullin by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Utlization summary looks ''across'' multiple weeks

The Utilization Summary works differnt than I expected, and I can't figure out why.I think this image summarizes my question: In short:I have 5 working days (40 hours) per employee as ''Available hours''And my tasks are split into working days, where...

Vincent3 by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Matching Records Put Price From Table 1 to Table 2

Hi all,Just asking for a kick in the right direction for a formula, extension/script and/or automation that'll put the PriceInput value from my Price List table into the Database1 table (whether it's displayed in the Lookup or thrown into the PriceOu...

Resolved! Prefill Form with Multiselect field containing commas

Hi,I have a multiselect field containing topics. It is a linked field to another table and each topic might contain a comma within its value. I need to prefill a form with that data but I find Is it possible or do I have to remove the commas within t...

stefpist by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! Multiselect Calculation

Im not sure how to ask this in order to look up suggestions. I have an order form that I created on a workstation. Based on the photographer, the client is given the options offered by that photographer. Once they select the options/services they wou...

shalablake by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resume Parsing

Hi All,Is there any option if I upload a resume in My Airtable base and with the help of any extension,  parse the basic information like Name/Email ID/Contact No./Current Company in respective field.I agree that I am expecting too much from Airtable...

Resolved! Running Total

Hello Airtable Community, I hope all is well! I am having trouble with creating a running total formula/script. In the first table called "General Monthly KPIs" there is a field linking to the "Transactions" table with the dates, month and year, and ...

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triple by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Resolved! Formula to compare two lookup columns ?

Hello everyone,Looking for some help on a problem I'm trying to resolve in Airtable. Context and goal of the databaseI'm building a database of our members. The first table lists our members and their level of membership and the second table lists th...

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Filtering Bar Charts not working

Hi all,I am a Campaign Coordinator and I use Airtable to help with my reporting. I currently have every campaign uploaded within Airtable for the entire fiscal year. However, I am looking to filter a bar chart extension to only represent the campaign...

Resolved! Vega-Lite Histogram

Hi,I'm not sure if this is the right place for this, but here goes. I have a table containing the following 'data'Project, Person, Start, FinishI want to plot on a Vega-Lite Heatmap style Histogram the 'heat' of these people over time. So the more 'P...

CharlieB by 4 - Data Explorer
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Search extension with api call

HiI added the extension: Search to the air table,This link: is a great search function to search all the fields in the table. Is this available in an api format, not just on the web interf...

ruvi by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Prefill when duplicate records present

In the following top portion of my pre-fill code, everything works fine except when there are duplicate records in the Asset Name field.All the other pre-filled items work fine. But when there are duplicate Asset Name values, the form displays nothin...

CharlieMullin by 6 - Interface Innovator
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Get a value from another table based on conditions.

Hi there, I'm trying to get value on my main table from another table based on conditions I've defined in the main table and that will meet the parametres from a second table.I've worked with thw ways in order to tackle that issue. First is to write ...