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Age Eligibilty

Hi! I am unsure if it is possible to create a formula to make this work for my school, please help!I have a base created to track all applicants. We offer 5 trade classes each held 3 times a year that have a minimum age requirement; age 16yrs and 8mt...

Having birthdays show up on a calendar view in Airtable

I have a field where people can enter a birthdate. I want that to show up on a calendar view in Airtable. Unless the year is the current year, it's not showing up on the calendar. I tried using a formula field but then I can't get the formula field t...

akidz2 by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! What's the formula to subtract 3 hours from Time & Date Field but...

Does anyone know the formula to subtract 3 hours from date and time field but... show just the time please? This formula provides the correct answer showing date and time but... DATEADD({Departure Date & Time},-3,'hours') ...when I add this to the fo...

peterboothby by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Round Off the Time Duration to the the next higher hour no.

I am a beginner and wanted to make a few custom changes through formula’s and other customisation’s. I need help with the two doubts below. Also take reference from the two photos. 1. How do I setup the “Hours” formula field such that even if its 10 ...

Nevan by 4 - Data Explorer
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Resolved! Datetime format results add two minutes to time

I have a formula in the primary field of my table that combines a Date/time and the name of the brand in the appointment.  Formula I am using: DATETIME_FORMAT({Appointment Time},'MM/DD, H:MM A')&" - "&Brand results are randomly adding 2, 4 and 6 minu...

Resolved! Extracting Earliest Date in a Rollup Field

I looked for other solutions on the forum and either I'm too much of a novice to know how to solve it or it didn't work for my problem. I have a rollup field that is collecting multiple dates. I'd like to have it only return the earliest date in the ...

LaurenMaine by 5 - Automation Enthusiast
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Dates "sheet"? Update records based on one date

I want to create a "sheet" timetable that creates new dates using a formula based on one date that is inputted. I know there's probably a better way to say that so please disregard my ignorance. Here's what I want to happen...I input the "Class Start...

malloryjax by 4 - Data Explorer
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